Today, let’s talk about politeness.

If you type the word “politeness” in GOOGLE, you might find this definition polite

Now, the question is how can we act polite in front of everyone.

It is not a secret, that the small action can create different reaction. For example, in some culture it is considered polite, when you address someone older using the word “mam” or “sir” and on the other hand it is rude, when you address someone older  only by name. In other  culture you are expected to bow down, when you meet someone with higher ranks, maybe it is a CEO or Manager of a company.

I have lived in Europe for many years, and now I am living in Asia. Sure, I find difficulties adjusting the good manners or etiquette. Simple example: When I was living in Europe, it is common to clean someone’s nose during dinner. In Asia, when you do that, it will be seen as a bad manner.

One thing for sure, we can never pleased everyone and we need to be clear about that.

Has anyone tips how can we please everyone?


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