Today, let’s talk about politeness.

If you type the word “politeness” in GOOGLE, you might find this definition polite

Now, the question is how can we act polite in front of everyone.

It is not a secret, that the small action can create different reaction. For example, in some culture it is considered polite, when you address someone older using the word “mam” or “sir” and on the other hand it is rude, when you address someone older  only by name. In other  culture you are expected to bow down, when you meet someone with higher ranks, maybe it is a CEO or Manager of a company.

I have lived in Europe for many years, and now I am living in Asia. Sure, I find difficulties adjusting the good manners or etiquette. Simple example: When I was living in Europe, it is common to clean someone’s nose during dinner. In Asia, when you do that, it will be seen as a bad manner.

One thing for sure, we can never pleased everyone and we need to be clear about that.

Has anyone tips how can we please everyone?


Women, unique creature

I know, it is maybe too late to post something about women’s day. But I am posting this, trying to encourage, highlight and also reminding all women out there, about the uniqueness of a woman.

Yesterday, I witnessed a mother walking out from a restaurant with her husband, who was carrying their child on his arms. And the mother pushed the baby stroller. The distance from the exit door of the restaurant to their car was not far, it was not even a 5 minutes walk (just to make it clear). As they reached the car, the husband unlocked the car and put their baby inside the car. And the lady just pushed the baby stroller just up to near their car, and then did nothing but left their baby stroller standing near the car and put herself in the car.

Here is my problem. Why cant the lady do the “work”? Like arrange the baby stroller? Or if she didn’t like her hands get dirty, she could take the baby instead and let her husband deal the stroller? I am still cannot comprehend that situation.

Sure, a woman doesn’t have the strengths like a man. Sure, a woman doesn’t have muscles like a man.

Women are created uniquely but equally as men. Women have different tasks to do than men.

But I think.. Some women are grown to be more demanding and depending, especially when they got married. -Do correct me if I am wrong-

Some still talks about emancipation. I do think that is a huge issue. But the bigger issue is now… Who could define women’s tasks also who could define men’s tasks? Anyone?